Today's challenges

The importance of being competitive in the digital landscape gets more and more important. All actors that in some way are connected to manufacturing or sales of a product have a need to understand all aspects of the digital marketplace. One area especially challenging is pricing. Digitalisation creates a greater dynamism in price changes through the transparency it entails. The possibilities online makes it easier for more actors to reach out with their products to a wider audience. Today there is a huge amount of different price data online that can be worth gold if handled correctly.

Our solution

We have created the solution with BuildFlow Insight. Insight is an intelligent and intuitive tool that helps you to work more efficient and dynamic with your pricing. Insight takes in price data, process this and present clear analyses. There are a number of different pre-packaded analyses in place today, completely customised for our customers needs. Access to Insight is available through a monthly licens. If you would like to know more fill out the contact form below and we'll contact you as soon as possible!

Advantages with Insight PricePosition

With Insight PricePosition you work more efficient, accurately and strategically with your pricing online.
You see regional price differences and kan easily monitor a wider range of products. By monitoring competitor's campaigns and with possibilities of deeper analyses you get a first foundation for digital price recommendations.

Frequently asked questions

How do we start?
We can recommend a selection of products as a starting point to get things going with specific analyses based on your need.
Is it resource demanding?
No, and this is an important question, it's absolutely not resource demanding, instead it will free up resources. We take care of all the parts and also give support in selecting the products you would like to monitor and analyse. The little time you put in pays off quickly.
How much is it?
The price for Insight PricePosition and our different plans you'll see further down on this page. The plans are designed after different existing needs based on the number of products, vendors, regions etc.