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BuildFlow Insight gives a deeper understanding of pricing, competition and trends.

BuildFlow Insight

For vendors

Correct price position fast and easy

One of the most important factors to succeed in digital trade today is to be perceived as to be correctly on price by your customers. The transparency online creates a new dynamic how prices change faster and by customers setting higher standards. To monitor and to ensure that prices are on the right level is a large and time consuming work if you're not using a tool.
Let PricePosition do the work for you!

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For suppliers

Price data give suppliers increased competitiveness

Information is power and with all the market data being generated online we are in a new golden age. To identify and collect the right information, analyse and understand all this information gives an increased competitiveness. By understanding market-price data and vendor structures new competitive advantages can be created. MarketTrend is the tool that helps you understand and capitalise on market data today!

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With BuildFlow Insight you get:

Environment monitoring

A clear insight in price levels and product types at actors on the market gives a better picture on how you should position yourselves.

Competition analysis

Through an increased understanding about your competitors price levels for different products, better decisions can be taken connected to your strategies and your profitability targets.

Benchmark of price levels

An increased understanding of price levels at your vendors gives good possibilities for increased profitability for you as a supplier.

Customised analyses

There is a large possibility to get access to raw data and statistics to perform your own analyses.

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