What advantages do you get with BuildFlow Connect?

With BuildFlow Connect your sales process is digitally connected to your customers through the calculation and project tools that exists for the building industry today. Your customers can with current prices and easy access to contract prices already in their digital tools get an estimate without requesting an offer. You get a possibility for great savings with a reduced need for manual calculations of offers and translations from generic lists of material for order. The direct connection to your order systems increase the number of digital orders when an order comes directly from the project tools.

New possibilities

BuildFlow Connect creates new possibilities for the digitalisation of the building material industry and possiblities for savings, higher quality and a reduced environmental impact due to fewer deliveries caused by errors in orders.

BuildFlow Connect is an extension to existing digital tools for the building industry. As a vendor and supplier you get an improved flow from customer to digital order and reduce the amount of manual work that offers and orders kan mean today.

Matching och standards

In BuildFlow's database there are today information on about 1 700 000 building products and matchings towards about 3 400 base products (resources). Throught that we cover about 85% of the building material used in calculations for building projects, and we constantly increase our database. BuildFlow's base products are directly connected to the exact products you vendors and suppliers have.

In the matching process in BuildFlow we work with a number of Swedish and international standars such as VilmaBas, Finfo, EAN, GTIN, etc. and we cooperate with organisations maintaining and creating standards.

Satisfied customers

As a vendor or supplier you'll get happier customers since they already in their tools can calculate with your products and their discount deals, which gives a faster process for offers and orders of building material. BuildFlow Connect gives the customer an efficient digital flow in the handling of material.

Frequently asked questions

We help you throught the complete process of getting BuildFlow Connect in place..

How do we get started?
We need a feed with your products that we can fetch every night. We also need to do an integration to your company portal or ERP.
Is it resource demanding?
A product feed is often easy to put together, depending on the system you're using. An integration to your company portal is easy and usually takes an hour or two from your side. An integration to an ERP can take longer time depending on your system. No matter the solution we are there with support and assistance.
How much is it?
To get your products into BuildFlow Connect is free. You only pay commission on orders mediated through the platform.