Vilka fördelar får ni med BuildFlow Connect?

With BuildFlow Connect your customers get access to current prices connected to the vendor's and supplier's products. This gives your customers the possibility to get a correct cost estimate, quickly create quotations, compare prices and send orders directly from your application. Since the commission from vendors and suppliers is shared with you, you also get a new revenue model.

New possibilities

BuildFlow Connect creates new possibilities for the digitalisation of the building material industry and possiblities for savings, higher quality and a reduced environmental impact due to fewer deliveries caused by errors in orders.

BuildFlow Connect is an extension to existing digital tools for the building industry. As a vendor and supplier you get an improved flow from customer to digital order and reduce the amount of manual work that offers and orders kan mean today.

Matching och standards

In BuildFlow's database there are today information on about 1 700 000 building products and matchings towards about 3 400 base products (resources). Throught that we cover about 85% of the building material used in calculations for building projects, and we constantly increase our database. BuildFlow's base products are directly connected to the exact products you vendors and suppliers have.

In the matching process in BuildFlow we work with a number of Swedish and international standars such as VilmaBas, Finfo, EAN, GTIN, etc. and we cooperate with organisations maintaining and creating standards.

Satisfied customers

As a software developer you'll get happier customers since they already in their tools can calculate with your products and their discount deals, which gives a faster process for offers and orders of building material. BuildFlow Connect gives the customer an efficient digital flow in the handling of material.

Frequently asked questions

We help you throught the complete process of getting BuildFlow Connect in place..

How do we get started?
If you used generic resources in your calculations we need to match these agains our database. You'll get access to our API so that we together can specify how BuildFlow Connect integrates in your application
Is it resource demanding?
For the best of the customer we strive for a complete integration into your application, but since this demands a lot of development from your side we offer a gradual integration through our portal. In the portal the customers can handle their list of materials and place orders until BuildFlow Connect is completely integrated in your application.
How much is it?
For access to product information and prices there's a monthly license fee. But you also get a revenue in sharing the commission your customers generate by placing their orders digitally through BuildFlow Connect.