BuildFlow Connect - The system that digitises your process

BuildFlow Connect digitise the complete flow of orders for building material from estimating software to vendors and suppliers.

BuildFlow Connect – Increase your profitability

With BuildFlow Connect manual work in handling price and product information for building material is reduced.

BuildFlow Connect

Contractors use many different calculation and projection applications to estimate cost of building projects.
One large problem in the building industry is that today there's a digital link missing between these applications and the vendors and suppliers.
This causes high costs because of a large amount of manual work and a higher risk of errors in orders.

As a vendor and supplier you increase your digital orders and through that minimise the manual work handling tenders and orders can mean. You also avoid different technical adaptions to the calculation tools on the market.

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Get your users to stay longer in your application and give them more value. Instead of system prices updated manually every year you get current prices. An integration with BuildFlow Connect give your uses direct access to a number of vendors and suppliers.

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