Price Positioning

You can quickly and easily monitor a large number of products and make sure your prices are right.

Market data

Insight gives you increased competitiveness by identifying, obtaining and analyzing all market price data in the building materials market.

Business Intelligence

A clear insight into the price levels and product types of players in the market gives a better picture of how you want to position yourself.

Competitor Analysis

Through an increased understanding of what price levels competitors have for different products, better decisions can be made in connection with your strategies and profitability goals.

Benchmark of price levels

An increased understanding of the price levels of retailers of your products provides good opportunities for increased profitability for you as a supplier.

Customized analyzes

There is plenty of room to access raw data and statistics to conduct analyzes yourself.

BuildFlow Insight

BuildFlow Insight analyzes the pricing of building materials and provides a deeper understanding of pricing, competition and trends. This will create a better basis for increasing competitiveness, sales and profitability.

In the digital landscape, it becomes increasingly more important to be competitive. All players who are in any way connected with the manufacture or sale of a product need to understand all aspects of the digital marketplace. One area that is particularly challenging is the price picture. Digitization creates a greater dynamic in pricing through the transparency it brings and the opportunities online make it easier for more players to reach out with their products to a wider mass. Today, there is a huge amount of different price data online that can be worth gold if handled properly.

We have created the solution with BuildFlow Insight. An intelligent and intuitive tool that helps you work more efficiently and dynamically with your pricing. Insight takes in price data, processes it and presents clear analyzes completely tailored to your needs.

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Prices Sweden

  • Upp till 7000 SKU
  • Weekly monitoring report
  • 3 months history
  • National level pricess
  • 1 report
  • 1 administrator
  • 3 viewers
  • Half day training
  • Upp till 20000 SKU
  • Daily monitoring report
  • 6 months history
  • 3 regions
  • 3 reports
  • 3 administrators
  • 10 viewers
  • Full day training
  • Upp till 40000 SKU
  • Customized monitoring report
  • 12 months history
  • Unlimited regions
  • 10 reports
  • 10 administrators
  • 100 viewers
  • Full day training
  • Personlized dashboard

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