Increase your margins

Get total control of costs when you directly see how a change of products affect the total cost.


Do not go unnecessarily when there is no material at the construction site. Check out which local store has what you are looking for at home.

Import calculations

Today you can import your material calculations from MEPS and Bidcon. More calculations on the way. What do you use?

Compare prices

Compare your discount agreements and also other suppliers.

Increased control

With Connect you have total control over your projects and discount agreements.

Streamline purchasing

Easily divide your projects into partial deliveries and also between different retailers so that your order fits each project.

Digital order

Manual orders increase the risk of incorrect orders. With a digital order, your supplier always gets the right part number.

Quote Support

With an easy way to put together quotes for your customers and an effective follow-up, your chances of winning projects increase.

Save time

Time is what we all have the least of. Save time by reducing manual repetitive tasks.

Introductory offer

Take the lead and influence BuildFlow Connect based on your needs and take part in our introductory offer!
50% discount the first year if you register before the turn of the year.

Start your 7 day free trial today!

BuildFlow Connect

BuildFlow Connect provides a digital link between suppliers' various products and between planning tools and building materials suppliers. The ordering process becomes more cost effective with a higher quality. A major problem in the construction industry is that this digital link is missing. This causes high costs due to a large amount of manual work and a higher risk of incorrect orders.

As a builder, BuildFlow Connect gives you total control over your material choices and costs in the project, as well as which discount agreement is best suited for each specific project.

Save time and increase your margins with pricing information you can rely on.

Prices Sweden

Right now 50% discount!*
*Ord.price 850/mån
  • Compare prices
  • Order direct or PDF
  • Compare your discount agreements
  • Import form estimates
  • 10 active projects
  • 3 login accounts
Right now 50% discount!*
*Ord.price 2900/mån
  • Compare prices
  • Order direct or PDF
  • Compare your discount agreements
  • Import form estimates
  • 30 active projects
  • 10 login accounts
Right 50% discount!*
*Ord.price 5900/mån
  • Compare prices
  • Order direct or PDF
  • Compare your discount agreements
  • Import form estimates
  • Unlimited active projects
  • Unlimited login accounts
  • Quote support

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