This is BuildFlow's privacy policy on protection of personal information and describes the processes for protection of personal information in BuildFlow's Services (Insight, Connect, Byggvarulistan) and BuildFlow's web pages. This policy explains when and how we process your personal information, especially in regards to our legitimate interests. You can ask us to stop the process of your personal information at any time.

1. What is this policy on protection of personal information comprised of?
This policy on protection of personal information describes how BuildFlow (also described as "we" and "us") uses personal information in conjunction with:
1. Visits to BuildFlow's web pages
2. Usage of Services
3. BuildFlow's marketing processes

2. What personal information does BuildFlow collect about me?
The information we collect helps us to improve and adapt our Services and web pages. These are the types of information we collect:
1. Information you give us: We recieve and save the informaiton you enter on our web pages and in our Services. This can be contact information if booking a demo and information you have entered in your profile in our Services. We use this information to give support amongst other things.
2. Automatic information: Some types of information we automatically recieve when you visit our web pages. For example are we using "cookies" on our web pages, whichs amongst other things give us anonymous information on the type of device and web browser you visit our web page with.
3. News letter: We use web beacons to make our news letters relevant and to create value for you. A web beacon is a small object that let us see if you have recieved our email, have opened it, and if you possibly click on a link in the news letter.
4. Information from partners: We sometimes recieve information from our partners. This information is also processed according to this policy.

3. How is Cookis handled?
Cookies are small text files saved by your web browser when using web pages. You can control how web pages uses cookies with your web browsers settings (see your browsers help function for more information about cookie control). Please note that if you inactivate cookies completely the BuildFlow web page and Services might not work optimally for you. For instance, the Services can't remember your login information. We therefore recommend that you let cookies be activated.

4. How do BuildFlow use my personal information?
BuildFlow uses the personal information we collect on you to the following purposes:
1. To fulfill a contract or take action in conjunction with a contract (this if often in connection with creating a user and accept our user terms)
2. To confirm your identity
3. To recieve paments
4. To send necessary information (for example regarding payments or expiration of your subscription or contract), and news letters
5. To offer customer services or support

5. Does BuildFlow share my personal information with others?
We share your personal information with data processors (contractors) and in some occasions with data responsible (partners).
1. Contractors: We share your personal inforation with companies that help us run our business by handling personal information on behalf of BuildFlow. These companies comprise of payment services, news platforms and CRM systems. All our contractors are subject to an agreement on data processing that ensures that they process your data with responsibility and in accordance with applicable laws.
2. Partners: Our partners are often manufacturers, resellers and wholesalers that sell products through our Services. With we may share data if you for example wish to create an account with them.
Your approval: You will always get an approval agreement sent to you if you we wish to use your information in other ways than described in this policy or in our user terms. We will not use your personal information for other purposes than what is described here if we do not recieve your approval.

6. How do BuildFlow process and safe my personal information?

Is my personal information safe?
We are aware of that the security of your personal information is important. We therefore use both administrative, technical and physical safety functions to protect your personal information.

Where does BuildFlow save my personal information?
Your personal information and files are saved on BuildFlow's servers, on servers at companies delivering services to us, and with partners you ask to share your data with.

Do BuildFlow transfer my personal information across borders?
We may transfer your personal information to other countries in accordance with current laws.

What rights do I have regarding my personal information, and how can I exercies my rights?
According to legislation you have the right to ask us for a copy of your personal information, to correct your personal information, and remove or limit (stop an active) processing of your personal information. Other than that you have a right to have your personal information sent to you in a structured, machine readable format.
You may oppose the processing of your personal information under some circumstances (especially if we don't need to process your personal information to fulfill a contract or other legal demands, or if we use your personal information for direct marketing).
These rights may be limited if in order to fulfill your demand means that another person's information is revealed, or if you ask us to remove personal information that we according to law is must save, or we have a forcible legitimate interest to save (for example to prevent fraud).
If you would like to practice any of your rights, you may contact us using the information below. You can also edit your personal information in our Services by using your settings page.
If you have unsolved problems you have the right to report then to the EU or other data protection auhtority where you live, work or where you deem it possible a potential violation have taken place.

Withdraw your approval or in other way oppose direct marketing
You have at anytime the right to opt out from direct marketing or profiling that we perform to direct marketing, by using the opt out link in our news letters, or by contacting us using the information at the end of this policy.

7. How long does BuildFlow save my information?
When you create a profile in our Services we process and save most of your personal information as long as you're active and using the Services. When you deactivate your account we start to remove some information after 90 days. This is information we no longer have a business related reason to keep, for example your password and your payment information. However, we often save personal information in accordance with our contracts and company transactions with you for 5 years after your latest interaction with us.
We treat your personal information for marketing purpose until you ask us to stop, and a short period thereafter (to give us the possibility to implement your request). We also maintain a permanent registration that you have asked us to not send direct marketing you you, or process your informatino, so that we can respect your request also in the future.

8. Changes of user terms and privacy policy
If you chose to visit our web pages your visit and any disputes about secrecy are based on this policy, our user terms and Swedish legislation. Our business is changing continously and so does our privacy policy and user terms. Therefore you should regularly check our web page to keep updated with the latest changes. Unless other is stated our current privacy policy applies to all personal information that we have for you.

9. Who can I contact if I have questions or problems?
If you have questions, problems or wish to protect your personal information you can get in contact with our data protection responsible on