The service platform BuildFlow focus on information handling and digital integrations for building materials.

The building materials industry has for many years been a largely analogous industry with many manual resources requiring steps. The entire industry has gone from being "the last frontier" to that all players are now ready to digitize the various steps from construction planning, quotation, pricing, supplier information to end customer purchases. Several steps in the information process are now merged more securely via digitalisation. Not so surprisingly, e-commerce in construction products grew by about 40% in 2016. From low levels, but still the fastest of all industries and this trend seems to hold. In Sweden alone, the building materials industry has a turnover of approximately SEK 100 billion. BuildFlow is in the middle of this process with its current business areas.

From the start 2013, BuildFlow has entered new areas where information and digitization have been lacking or lacking.BuildFlow's fundamental foundation is the very comparison of building materials and their information.
We at BuildFlow see the coming years as very exciting for the industry but above all for the development of BuildFlow and our services.

What we do

BuildFlow is a service platform for information on building materials at which we deliver multiple services for product information, price comparison, price analytics, business intelligence, integrations and digital processes for planning and sourcing.

Our mission

To be the largest connected database with information and prices on building materials in Europe. Give the industry a better understanding how to grow through BuildFlow's data, analytics and insights. BuildFlow will help to digitise the processes for the complete value chain in the construction industry.

Our goals

Be the largest data supplier in Europe of product information and prices on building material.
Be the largest data supplier in Europe of price analytics on building material.
Be the leading digital platform for commerce of building material for contractors in Europe.